Overcoming Modern Challenges With Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup

As part of workforce remains remote in either a full-time or hybrid model, the demand for cloud-based solutions has grown. With Microsoft 365 some 200 million active users rely on the applications and email service for critical business operations. With this heavy reliance and quick adoption, it raises the question, What are the potential vulnerabilities and how can you address them?

A Wave of Threats

There are three main weaknesses that leave your business exposed to possible interruption to operation and complete loss of data.


The deletion, modification, or encryption of data
within Microsoft 365 is an often-used tactic as part of a larger arrack campaign. Additionally, misused access to services is often used to separate malware.

Operational Threats

Anything from accidental deletion to intentional malicious activity by internal actors, as well as simple data corruption within Microsoft’s servers remain a possibility today.

Business Evolution

As the organization grows, mergers and acquisitions can have an impact on data retention, the need to mitigate tenants, or even move the organization out of Microsoft 365.

75% of Organizations Won’t Meet Recovery Needs In An Outage

Part of the reason it’s important to backup Microsoft 365 is that in the event of a disaster, being unprepared means data loss and ultimately both heavy cost and possible loss of operation. A study down by Gartner in 2022 that shows 75% organizations utilizing some form of outsourced email and collaboration solution (which includes Microsoft 365) won’t be able to meet their recovery needs should there be an outage. This prediction speaks to how organizations think so casually about their data in the cloud. Yet we know threats are on the rise and it’s almost a matter of when, not if. This sets companies up for a very messy situation.

A Comprehensive Solution

Veeam Microsoft 365 Backup offers protection for operation threats, business evolution, cyberthreats and more. With a simple setup that makes data backup and recovery as easy as one click, you can be up and running without impacting operation. In the event of a disaster, critical data can be restored in less than 15 minutes and with CyberFortress you get 24×7 access to personal support.

Get In Depth Look at Challenges

Each threat and problem a business faces in protecting their Microsoft Office 365 data is worthy of its own breakdown. To dive deeper into the three threats listed above as well as look at other challenges, and how best to overcome them, we created an ebook, Modern Microsoft 365 Data Protection Challenges. This free resource can serve as a guide, creating internal communication as you navigate your business needs and search for data protection solutions.

CyberFortress Can Protect Your Remote Workforce

A proud partner of Veeam, our data recovery and backup experts have access to the latest software and strategies to keep your data protected. We help small businesses to mid-sized enterprises navigate the remote work/hybrid work environment so that business keeps churning all while being prepared in the event of a disaster. To get started, contact us or give us a call: 855-773-8223.

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