Announcing CyberFortress and The Recovery People™

The combination of Jungle Disk and the three companies we recently acquired from J2 Global –  KeepItSafe, LiveVault and OffsiteDataSync – are now CyberFortress. Over the past 6+ months we’ve talked to customers, integrated products and platforms, and now we’re ready to operate as one company providing backup that’s purpose built for the world’s best recovery. Together, we’re a global market leader, offering comprehensive cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to meet any business’s needs, regardless of size. 

Let’s face it, no business asset is more valuable than data. In the early 1900s, when Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he said; “Because that’s where the money is.” That same logic explains why companies are more vulnerable today – they’re under constant attack for their data. And whether you lose it or get locked out of it, business stops, revenue stops, service stops, your heart stops. Because the sad fact is, after a major breach, 43% of businesses never reopen. And there are many ways beyond ransomware to lose information: flood, data corruption, server failure, accidental deletion.

The best “life insurance” for business data continues to be the most fundamental: backup and disaster recovery (DR). However, what was once an easy, nightly task is now an enormously complex undertaking. Recovery time and point objectives (RTOs and RPOs) must be measured in minutes for critical business applications. Data is spread across your company and beyond — in SaaS apps, laptops, servers, smartphones and the cloud. The threat of cyberattack, especially ransomware, is at an all-time high. 

Until now, many companies struggled to achieve a complete backup as it required evaluating, selecting, and managing multiple vendors with individual products to solve each and every need. With CyberFortress, that’s all changed. For the first time, businesses can work with one specialist to handle their data protection – from mobile to mainframe, branch office to corporate data center and beyond to cloud infrastructure and software-as-a-service. 

The solutions you need

We knew organizations were struggling to recover their data during disasters. We saw the market lacked a comprehensive, secure and simple solution for reliable, rapid recovery. So, we crafted a plan to build a company that could provide a portfolio offering a one stop, total solution. That company is CyberFortress, and now, we can deliver the fastest, most painless recovery experience for businesses worldwide.

Inside CyberFortress you’ll find a comprehensive platform of backup and recovery solutions to cover every data protection need. We’re able to offer CyberFortress Endpoint Backup, CyberFortress Server Backup & Archiving, CyberFortress Managed BaaS powered by Veeam, CyberFortress Managed DRaaS powered by Veeam. From on-premises data to cloud, SaaS – and even legacy systems most other vendors can’t cover – we protect it all, giving customers a single vendor to manage. And all backups are kept safe in a combination of highly secure, geo-separated data backup locations to provide complete recovery in as little as 15 minutes. 

Simply put, CyberFortress provides backup, DR and recovery like no other entity ever has. And we can cover  any-size company’s entire data protection with the industry certifications businesses need. This includes environmental (ISO 14001) and energy management (ISO 50001) certifying our options of 100% renewable energy, high-efficiency data centers. 

The support you deserve

Technology without expertise is a problem, not a solution. At CyberFortress, we have a specialized team available 24x7x365 for our customers that we call the Recovery People™. They are experts certified in data backup and DR, and that’s all they do. Every day, all day, they help people recover data and restore applications.

When you choose to work with the Recovery People at CyberFortress, they begin with our Four-Step Backup™ system to create a recovery map to understand what data you have, where it’s located, and what RTOs and RPOs are needed. After building and executing a custom data recovery plan, they continuously back up, monitor and test to ensure data is ready for recovery at a moment’s notice. To demonstrate readiness before an actual incident, we provide Continuous Readiness Reports based on tests of our production protection platform.

When it comes to recovery itself, you’ll have a credentialed, dedicated team of specialists who have done it all, from thousands of individual file recoveries to dozens of full DR restores following a disaster. We call them the Rapid Recovery Force and they have one job and mission; keep your business up and running no matter the cause. And should you ever have an issue, CyberFortress’ support provides a real human expert, available by phone and able to provide service in a wide variety of languages. 

Step inside CyberFortress

From our headquarters in San Antonio, CyberFortress is empowering customers across the globe with the fastest, most painless recovery experience possible. If you’re already a customer, thanks for the continued trust; we couldn’t have done this without you. If you’re frustrated with your current data protection – if the solution or the service you use doesn’t make your life a whole lot easier – then it’s time to step inside the fortress.

We’re The Recovery People – and we’re ready to back that up!

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