Webinar: Comparing Data Backups vs. DRaaS

What’s the right data protection path for your organization? Is it Data Backups or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

In our recent webinar “Protecting Data, Workloads, and your Operations: Backup is NOT DRaaS” we covered:

  • What’s at Risk: Basing your choice on what’s really important
  • Comparing Backup vs. DRaaS: From focus, to process, to outcome
  • Making a Choice: Putting a plan in place to ensure you’re protecting your environment

Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Vince Wood, Senior Systems Administrator from CyberFortress, Anthony Spiteri, Senior Global Technologist from Veeam, and moderated by Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP Nick Cavalancia.

Data Protection: What’s at Risk

Your customers, contractors, employees, and supply chain are expecting your business to be up and running. There is a high expectation that you’ll always be “on”. There are a number of challenges that your company may face that can interrupt business continuity and affect brand trust. These include:

  • Ransomware 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Third-Party Supply Chain Attacks
  • Natural Disasters

We go into detail about all of these scenarios and how you can put risk at the forefront of your data protection decisions. 

Comparing Data Backup vs. DRaaS

How can you make sure you’re completely covered in case of a disaster? We go on to compare backup and DRaaS from the lenses of planning, testing, implementation, internal IT workload, and cost. There are major differences between these two including:

  • Cost Model
  • Data Protection Focus
  • Recovery Plan Granularity
  • Recovery Process
  • And more

Choosing a Data Protection Path

Planning is key to protecting your organization in the wake of an interruption. If you’ve never worked through a disaster recovery scenario, it’s vital to consider leveraging an expert partner who has. Other things to consider implementing to fully cover your data load are:

  • Performing a business impact analysis
  • Completing a risk assessment 
  • Determining the gaps in your technology or IT team abilities
  • Building a recovery plan per scenario/disaster
  • Testing that plan to make sure it works for your business

Our DRaaS solution, powered by Veeam involves a fully managed approach with testing capabilities included. Our experts have created hundreds of backup plans and disaster recovery failovers during our 20+ years of delivering world-class data protection services. 

There’s a lot more to learn about Data Backup vs DRaaS. Watch the full on-demand webinar here.

Ready to get hands on? Sign up for a free trial of our Veeam Cloud Connect Backup or Veeam Cloud Connect Replication (DRaaS), or use our pricing calculator to determine your cost.

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