How to Ensure Endpoint Data Protection in a Remote/Hybrid World

As work environments have shifted, operating anywhere from all in person, to completely remote, and everything in between, so too has the need for protecting employee and company data. In our ebook, To The Endpoints and Back we present an endpoint data protection guide for small businesses to mid-sized enterprises for keeping data safe.

Remote and Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

An Owl Labs Survey of 2050 full-time workers in the U.S. found over 84% of respondents feel continuing to work from home will make them happier even going so far as to say they’d take a 10% pay cut for the privilege. This comes as 80% of respondents anticipated working three days a week from home.

New Vulnerabilities: An IT Challenge

With work moving outside the office, an assortment of security risks have presented themselves with huge ramifications that could bring operations to a grinding halt. Not shockingly, a PC Matic survey found ransomware attacks in 2021 were up an astonishing 437%.

So What is Endpoint and What Can Be Done?

Simply, endpoint is any digital device that enables access to a company’s network. With remote work, often times these devices access the company network on insecure home networks or the device itself has outdated software, or lacks security features.

Keep Employees off Personal Devices

If possible, all employees should be using company device and that device should be setup with endpoint protection products. When a personal device is needed, it should be used as a remote desktop, connecting to the network via a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Consider A MSP

Having a reliable disaster recovery and data backup company manage endpoint security can ease the burden of figuring everything out on your own. With frequent updates, access to advanced infrastructure and a team of experts, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

To learn what to look for in an MSP, the five deadly sins of remote security, and to dive deeper into endpoint, read our complete guide by downloading our ebook.

CyberFortress Can Help

Leading the way in new era of data protection, CyberFortress has endpoint backup & recovery solutions to cover small offices to mid-sized enterprise. Contact us to speak with our expert data recovery specialists.

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